Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference At Annual Meeting Transcript


RG: Good morning, we had a very productive few days and covered a lot of subjects. The NFL made a lot of improvements this week and I feel very good about what we did.  I’d be happy to take your questions.

With respect to the L.A. situation in 2016 commentary regarding the possibility of the NFL being in L.A. for 2016 can you clarify that? Because from a development perspective, it would seem unrealistic unless you’re going to play in a temporary stadium at that point.

We’re focused on doing this right. If we go back to the Los Angeles market we want to succeed for the long-term and we have a lot to do to get to that place. So we’re not focused on ’16. Obviously, if it did happen in ’16, you’d have to play in a temporary facility. We could not possibly construct a stadium in that timeframe, but right now our focus is on the process, making sure that we’re evaluating the opportunities and their existing markets. We’re also making sure that we understand what it takes to be successful in Los Angeles long-term.

When Adrian Peterson was suspended in November the letter said that he would be eligible for reinstatement no sooner than April 15. He’s now after the federal judge made the decision moved back to the exempt list, not the suspended list, so is April 15 still a relevant date or what is the timeline for his status to change?

Yes, it is. We’re going to continue the evaluation. We’ll have our people, and I will expect to meet with Adrian before we make a final determination on his status. But we expect to keep that timetable.

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