Competition Committee Conference Call

Competition Committee Conference Call with NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent, Atlanta Falcons President & CEO and Competition Committee Chairman Rich McKay and St. Louis Rams Head Coach and Competition Committee member Jeff Fisher


Rich McKay: I like to start every year this call with kind of understanding the process that we go through as a committee in concert with the league office in trying to develop the Competition Committee report which we will pass out to the membership either late Sunday or early Monday. This year I think the report is 100 pages long as it typically is and so there’s a lot of work that goes into it.

We send a survey out usually at the end of the year in late-December, early-January to every club. We hear from presidents, we hear from coaches, we hear from owners. We take it all in and we try to come up with proposals based off of that. We met four days in Indianapolis that included meeting with Coach Madden’s sub-committee, which is always very enlightening to hear that many coaches in one room with the issues that they face during the year and the issues that they want us to focus on. We meet with the GMs, the General Manager Advisory Committee, we meet with the NFLPA, that includes leadership and players, and then we conclude the week by meeting with the NCAA and going through what’s on their agenda, what’s worked for them and what we think has worked for us and we share a lot of information. It’s a really productive meeting.

We then went back to Naples a week later and met for six days there. At that time, too, we take the time to go through what the league office and Dean Blandino and others collect through the year from people like yourselves, from fans, from coaches, from everybody that’s sending in suggestions, ideas, sending in video, asking us to look at plays. We kind of go through all of that. The clubs themselves have submitted rule proposals in the past. This year they submitted quite a few. We’ve got bylaw proposals, we’ve got resolutions from clubs and then obviously we have some from the Competition Committee itself that we developed over the time we were together.

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