Quotes From Week 15 Editions of NFL Network’s ‘NFL GameDay First’ & ‘NFL GameDay Morning’

Quick Quotes from NFL GameDay First & NFL GameDay Morning

“Jay Cutler has gotten a lot of offensive coordinators fired let’s be honest.” – Marshall Faulk on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler

“Bill Belichick is one of the great defensive minds that has ever coach in the National Football League period.” – Warren Sapp on New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

“Outside of the quarterback position, I think [Rob Gronkowski] is the biggest difference maker and mismatch in football” – Kurt Warner on New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski

“[J.J. Watt] has great football intelligence and he reads plays before the snap better than any defensive lineman in the NFL.” – Shaun O’Hara on Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt

“I think [the Green Bay Packers] offense is the most dangerous in the NFL.– Shaun O’Hara on the Green Bay Packers

“I believe this is a must-win for the Dallas Cowboys. This is it.” – Michael Irvin on the Cowboys-Eagles matchup

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Quotes from NFL GameDay First

Every Sunday morning at 7:00 AM ET, NFL Network is first on the field with NFL GameDay First. Host Melissa Stark, co-host/analyst Sterling Sharpe, and analysts Shaun O’Hara and Michael Robinson provide the first analysis of the day’s games, while NFL Network reporters stationed across the league report from stadiums with the first on-location reports of the day.

“I want to see [Johnny Manziel] take care of the football. Let’s be honest, that is why he has the job. Brian Hoyer was throwing interceptions and forcing things but I feel like for Johnny Manziel, if I was the coach I would say to him: ‘Johnny, it isn’t your job to win the game. Your job is to not lose the game.’” –Shaun O’Hara on what it will take for Johnny Manziel to have a successful first start

“I think J.J. Watt is going to have the biggest impact on this game and it is not just because of the sacks and the quarterback hits. He is going to swat the ball. You can get sacks and hits on quarterbacks because you are athletic and tall and fast and have long arms, but he gets sacks in bunches because he is so smart. He has great football intelligence and he reads plays before the snap better than any defensive lineman in the NFL.” –Shaun O’Hara on Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt

“The addition of Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner make the flexibility of the secondary that much better for Bill Belichick. Revis and Browner cut down your top two receivers. Kyle Arrington is also in the defensive backfield and he led the league in picks in 2011…[The Patriots] are matching up whatever style you want to play. If you want to go quickness, they have quick guys. If you have big receivers, they have big guys. They can play whatever game you want to play. This defense is very versatile.” –Michael Robinson on the biggest strength of the New England Patriots

“I think the offense is what is propelling the New England Patriots and it is why they are the number one seed right now. It’s really the ability to score, and they are the number one scoring offense right now…I think this offense is carrying them, but their defense is going to help them win the playoff games.” –Shaun O’Hara on the strengths of the New England Patriots

“When you think about the Patriots offense, I think every corner thinks, ‘How do we stop this guy?’ Nobody can do it. I think it is because of his catching radius. I think with Rob Gronkowski, it doesn’t matter where you put the ball. He has had 52 touchdowns in his first five seasons. That is more than any other tight end.” –Sterling Sharpe on who he believes is the MVP for the New England Patriots aside from Tom Brady

“I think [the Green Bay Packers] offense is the most dangerous in the NFL. The defense doesn’t scare anybody, and they have to score 41 points at home like they have done in the last seven games because their defense won’t hold up. As good as Aaron Rogers has been, you are in trouble if you are one dimensional.” –Shaun O’Hara on the strengths of the Green Bay Packers

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning

NFL GameDay Morning is the most comprehensive pregame show on Sunday morning, airing at 9:00 AM ET for four hours on NFL Network and taking viewers straight up to kickoff. Host Rich Eisen joins analysts Steve Mariucci, Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin to bring fans the latest news, injury reports, pregame analysis and game previews. Additionally, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport provides the latest inside information from around the league.

“Jay Cutler has gotten a lot of offensive coordinators fired let’s be honest. Not just head coaches, but offensive coordinators who after leaving Jay Cutler, you won’t get a job anymore.” – Marshall Faulk on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler

“Bill Belichick is one of the great defensive minds that has ever coach in the National Football League period.” – Warren Sapp on New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

“Bill Belichick has this team peak at the exact right time – and that time is now.” – Steve Mariucci on the New England Patriots

“Outside of the quarterback position, I think [Rob Gronkowski] is the biggest difference maker and mismatch in football because he’s big, he’s fast, he can run over you, he can run by you, he’s got the smarts and ability to lineup in a lot of different places…I think he changes everything for this football team.” – Kurt Warner on New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski

“[Rob Gronkowski] is playing gronkish football. I mean he is taking over on the football field. When he’s playing like this everything works well for the New England Patriots…As long as Gronk is playing Gronkish football, they’re set.” – Michael Irvin on New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski

“[Aaron Rodgers] is the ultimate weapon in football.” – Michael Irvin on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

“Defense [and] run game travel. Do you know what else travels? Aaron Rodgers travels.” – Kurt Warner on the Green Bay Packers playoff race for home field advantage

“I’m just impressed at what [Le’Veon Bell] has done. I’m talking about changing your body, changing your playing style and he has stepped up to the plate.” – Marshall Faulk on Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell

“The Steelers are a puzzling kind of team because they’re a good football team. They play down to their competition too many times. They seem to need a sense of urgency.” – Steve Mariucci on the Pittsburgh Steelers

“If the Steelers are going to have a chance today, it is a must that they show up on defense…and the offense will take care of itself.” – Marshall Faulk on the Pittsburgh Steelers

“I think Johnny is built for the spotlight. I think that this is a time for him where he’s going to come up and he’s going to play football. I expect him to play well. I expect them to allow him to use his legs, as well as his head, along with his arm to win this football game.” – Marshall Faulk on Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel

“I believe [J.J. Watt] deserves to be in consideration. Can he win it with a guy like Aaron Rodgers doing what he does, or a guy like Tom Brady? I don’t know if he can win it but I believe he deserves to be in this conversation because he is a difference maker every time out.” – Kurt Warner on MVP considerations for Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt

“That’s what most valuable does – you make people around you better. You don’t sit at 7-6 I’m sorry.” – Marshall Faulk on MVP considerations referencing the Houston Texans record and defensive end J.J. Watt

“We know who [C.J. Anderson] is. He is a guy that can carry the load and when they turn to him he can go…good in the passing game as well.” – Marshall Faulk on Denver Broncos running back C.J. Anderson

“I believe this is a must-win for the Dallas Cowboys. This is it.” – Michael Irvin on the Cowboys-Eagles matchup

“This is such a must-win game for the Cowboys in so many ways because if I’m the decision maker slash owner you have to ask yourself after this game – say the Dallas Cowboys lose and they do not make the playoffs – what do I have to do? You have to start questioning yourself because I believe this is the best team that [Jerry Jones] has put together in a while.” – Marshall Faulk on the Dallas Cowboys

NFL Media Insider Michael Silver

On where things went wrong for Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers:

“This is a divorce that a lot of us have seen coming since that surreal day at the combine that we learned that the Cleveland Browns and 49ers had had talks about a potential trade for Jim Harbaugh. We’ve seen in recent NFL history that when a coach seems to be on his way out, it doesn’t usually go well. Bill Cowher in Pittsburgh, John Fox in Carolina being some examples. Jim Harbaugh had those players rallied like they were a group in a fight together. It’s been individualized in the last year. Players have wondered if Jim Harbaugh is more about himself. The pistol offense disappeared where Colin Kaepernick was so successful. Why? Was that about credit or was that about trying to win games? And you’ve got a coach who clearly is dissatisfied and bosses who aren’t going to bat for him – divorce is inevitable.

On the relationship between Jim Harbaugh and 49ers management moving forward:

“I think it’s a compatibility issue. I think it’s been decided. I think that there has just been a wall of tension throughout this last year especially. It’s a tense workplace environment. They’re very talented and he’s a great coach, but the wall is starting to crumble. It’s a lot of weight to shoulder.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport

On the fallout in Chicago:

“It was a very tense day in Chicago on Friday when this news did break. I am told all options were on the table as far as Aaron Kromer’s job status. Marc Trestman the head coach considered everything including firing him. In the end, he decided that Aaron Kromer should stay employed by the Chicago Bears. One reason is Kromer is a very valued assistant on that staff. In fact, I’m told by another Bears source, a different Bears source, that when they hired Trestman hiring Kromer was considered as important as everything. Now the question, why did he do this? I’ve heard from so many people, other coaches across the league, by outing himself the only thing people can come up with is that he couldn’t take knowing that he did something to hurt the team. Actually a standup move.”

On Jay Cutler’s reaction:

“He was hurt. Talking to people close to Jay Cutler he was definitely hurt by this. A little stung and certainly a little surprised that Aaron Kromer would do something like this. But if you listen to Jay Cutler’s press conference he seemed extremely professional. Much more professional than we’ve seen him in the pubic light in some years mainly because he knows, thanks in part to this report and by the way he’s played, the spotlight is on him like it has never been before. He knows of all things he needs to play better. The thing that could come out of this for Jay Cutler is he knows he might be done with the Bears this year, he knows so much rides on him, [and] he is control of his own destiny.”

On Johnny Manziel’s preparation for his first NFL start:

“I’ve talked to several Browns sources about this and they say Manziel has been in the building every day this week at 7:00 A.M. which is two hours earlier than most teammates get there. He’s been leaving about 7:00 P.M. which is two hours later than most teammates get there. There were certainly some questions going into the draft and going into the season about work ethic, there are no such questions now. As far as the plays we will see, there will be more read option today than there has been in the game plan all year. You will see some familiarity to the same plays that RGIII ran with Kyle Shanahan in Washington. Talking to Bengals sources, they have studied that Washington film from a couple of years ago. They’ve also gone into the preseason, the only time they’ve really seen Manziel play just to get some semblance of an idea of what he is going to do on the field and they will try to keep him in the pocket. One more thing, a bigtime fan will be in attendance today: LeBron James will be in the suite of Maverick Carter and Erik Burkhardt, Manziel’s agents, checking on his buddy.”

On Cam Newton’s readiness for the rest of the season:

“I’ve talked to Panthers sources last night, they are optimistic that Cam Newton will be back next week after suffering those two transverse process fractures, the same thing that Tony Romo had earlier in the season – he missed one week and was able to come back. At this point, everything is day-to-day of course because you don’t know how Cam Newton’s going to feel this week. But at this point, the Panthers think he will be back next week, as they try somehow to continue their march to the playoffs.”

On coaches whose futures depend on how their teams finish:

“I’ll give you two big ones. First of all, Giants coach Tom Coughlin. I’m told by sources close to Coughlin that he does want to coach next year. He feels young, he feels healthy, [and] he would like to be the coach of the Giants next year. It is no guarantee that the Giants will make a coaching change despite what everyone thinks and some will hinge on how this team does finish down the stretch. Remember, this is a very patient organization. The next one, Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin. At some point a couple of weeks ago it seems Philbin was safe, now I am being told he is not safe. Some of it will depend on if the Dolphins do flail down the stretch as they have in recent years. Talking to some players there, there is some concern about Philbin’s lack of emotion which has really been a concern over the last several years. They are a little nervous that they will be out-schemed again in December. Let me give you just one quick nugget about this, something that really rankled the players: Philbin had them attend leadership classes, something that kept them late in the facility. They weren’t sure why. They didn’t really understand it.”

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