NFL Network’s ‘NFL Total Access Kickoff’ & ‘NFL Thursday Night Kickoff’ Notes & Quotes – Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams

NFL Total Access Kickoff aired from outside Edward Jones Dome tonight at 6:00 PM ET on NFL Network, with host Rich Eisen and analysts Michael Irvin, Marshall Faulk and Kurt Warner providing pregame analysis leading up to Cardinals-Rams on Thursday Night Football.

At 7:30 PM ET on NFL Network, James Brown, Deion Sanders and Bill Cowher hosted NFL Thursday Night Kickoff from inside the stadium. Eisen, Irvin, Faulk and Warner appeared on the show.

Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians with Marshall Faulk

NFL Network analyst Marshall sat down with Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians for an interview on NFL Total Access Kickoff:

On who is Bruce Arians:

“Teacher, father, husband…solid golfer.”

On the ideas and mindset he instills on his quarterbacks:

“It’s no difference coaching offensive line or receivers, there’s only one way to do it and that’s the right way. If it’s not the right way and perfect, coaching needs to be involved. I just have to do it rough sometimes. That’s just the way I communicate.”

On whether or not he’ll shrink the playbook with new player personnel:

“Never ask players to do things they can’t do, that’s bad coaching just to say that’s your system. We try to put each guy in a position to be successful. If Drew [Stanton] can’t handle the playbook we’ll shut it down – but he can handle more volume probably than Carson [Palmer] could because he’s been in the offense longer.”

On critiquing Bruce Arians:

“Right now, doing OK. The test of time always is what you’re measured by. This next month we’ll see how damn good a coach you are. Everybody wants to pat you on the back in September [and] October, they remember what you do in December.”

Quotes from NFL Total Access Kickoff & NFL Thursday Night Kickoff

“I took three things away from [Bruce Arians]: his trust in his players, he respects his players, and more than anything, he’s honest with his players.” – Marshall Faulk on the three things he took away from his interview with Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians

“What [Bruce Arians] has on that staff is a mix of experience [and] a mix of youth. They bring knowledge and respect to the game of football and that’s permeated through that team. They are teachers. They have great respect for the game. That staff has a way of bringing that football team united and they know what they’re doing every Sunday – they’re prepared.” – Bill Cowher on Arizona Cardinals Bruce Arians and his coaching staff

“[The Arizona Cardinals] have five cornerbacks that can start for any team in the NFL.” – Deion Sanders on the Arizona Cardinals secondary

“I’m a defensive coach at heart. If you like defense, and you like an aggressive approach to it, you will love tonight’s game.” – Bill Cowher on tonight’s Cardinals-Rams matchup

“It’s all about the quarterback. I believe Drew Stanton has to play better.” – Kurt Warner on the keys to winning the NFC West for the Arizona Cardinals

“Shaun Hill has been a spark for this football team. I think what he brings to this team…Is an aggressive veteran that’s willing to take chances down the field.” – Kurt Warner on St. Louis Rams quarterback Shaun Hill

“I believe that [Tre Mason] has ‘it’ and you need ‘it’ if you’re going to run the ball effectively week in and week out in the NFL. He has ‘it’ and they need to hang their hat on him.” – Marshall Faulk on St. Louis Rams running back Tre Mason

“This [St. Louis Rams] squad has realized that they possess a front four that can rarely be matched with anybody in this league…on defense these guys come hard, they come ferocious, they understand the alignment and assignment.” – Deion Sanders on the St. Louis Rams defense

“I like the Dallas Cowboys in this division.” – Deion Sanders on the NFC East

“I expect a little bit of everything. I think there’s going to be some good, I think there will be some bad, and I think there could quite possibly be some ugly.” – Kurt Warner on what to expect from Johnny Manziel Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals

“I’m expecting Manziel-Mania going off in Cleveland.” – Michael Irvin on expectations for Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel 

“I know he’s not Brian Hoyer. We don’t know what Johnny Manziel is. I want to see can he be [money] in the NFL.” – Marshall Faulk on Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel 

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