Quotes From Week 13 Editions of NFL Network’s ‘NFL GameDay Highlights’ & ‘NFL GameDay Final’

Quotes From NFL GameDay Highlights & NFL GameDay Final

“That may have been a Super Bowl preview.” – Michael Irvin on the game between the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers

“[Aaron Rodgers] is the most dangerous guy when he leaves the pocket.” – Steve Mariucci on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers who was 24/38 for 368 yards and two touchdowns

“[Aaron Rodgers] can zing it in there from anywhere on the field, but he can make plays outside of the pocket and throw these pinpoint passes anywhere, anytime. That’s how he differentiates himself between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. He makes so many plays out of the pocket. That’s what makes him scary.” – Steve Mariucci on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

“The Packers defense stepped up. They really outplayed the Patriots defense. Usually [Bill] Belichick is the one who comes up with the scheme to eliminate your biggest weapon but it was the total opposite today.” – Deion Sander on the Green Bay Packers who beat the New England Patriots 26-21

“Quarterbacks at home, high school, college, pro, sit down, get your pen and pad out, and learn from these two individuals. They are two of the best.” – Deion Sanders on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

“I would start [Brian] Hoyer once again. Johnny Manziel is a great band-aid, but I don’t think he’s the solution right now.” – Deion Sanders on the Cleveland Brown quarterback situation

“I’m a proponent of playing with the guy that got you to this position and to me it’s Brian Hoyer. He has gotten them in a playoff race.” – LaDainian Tomlinson on the Cleveland Browns quarterback situation

“[The Cleveland Browns] are still in the playoff race. You cannot pull [Brian] Hoyer at this point.” – LaDainian Tomlinson on the Cleveland Browns quarterback situation

“Even if [Johnny Manziel] does not start, I believe that he is going to be a part of the game plan moving forward to some degree.” – Marshall Faulk on Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel

“This is one of the best defenses that they have assembled with Peyton Manning in Denver.” – Deion Sanders on the Denver Broncos

“[C.J. Anderson] is going to be in the rotation because he’s a finisher better than the other two backs. Montee Ball brings an element, Ronnie Hillman brings an element. C.J. Anderson brings an attitude that they are going to need.” – Marshall Faulk on Denver Broncos running back C.J. Anderson who had 32 rushes for 168 yards and had a receiving touchdown

“I like Atlanta because Atlanta showed me today that they can win and they can be dominant on both sides of the ball.” – Deion Sanders on the Atlanta Falcons and the NFC South playoff race

“This [Blake] Bortles kid is going to be something someday.” – Steve Mariucci on Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles who threw for 194 yards and a touchdown and added 68 yards rushing in a 25-24 win over the New York Giants

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