Quotes From Special Thanksgiving Edition of NFL Network’s ‘NFL GameDay Morning’

A special Thanksgiving edition of NFL Network’s NFL GameDay Morning aired today at 10:00 AM ET, with host Rich Eisen and analysts Steve Mariucci, Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin.

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning

“They’re not asking him to make 25 plays for this football team; they’re asking him to make seven or eight plays. Tony Romo can make seven or eight plays…Finally this team is coming together. They’re running the football, guys are making plays [and] he doesn’t have to do everything.” – Kurt Warner on Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo

“The big problem is their offense was functioning well without Calvin [Johnson] and now they’re trying to integrate Calvin into what was working. How do you make it fit? How do you please your star receiver and continue to win games like you were without him?” – Marshall Faulk on the Detroit Lions offense

“Jim Caldwell is the solution. Remember, he subbed in for Cam Cameron in Baltimore and took them to a Super Bowl. It’s time for him to intervene…[and] say, ‘These are some of the things you might want to do to get drives started, to score in the red zone’ and help out a young offensive coordinator.” – Marshall Faulk on Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell

“It’s that mentality for me. They don’t believe they can run, they don’t want to run and they don’t call a run…Let’s move people, let’s run this ball and help out your quarterback.” – Warren Sapp on the Detroit Lions offense

“Calvin Johnson is saying this is the perfect medicine: the Chicago Bears secondary.” – Michael Irvin on Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson

“This team is about defense now. It’s all about what they do defensively and they have to show that they can dominate.” – Kurt Warner on the Detroit Lions

“I’m going to trust Matthew Stafford more [than Jay Cutler] just because he has a defense to back him up…That to me is the saving grace with this guy. He can make a mistake, make a couple mistakes or pull the ball down. He doesn’t have to make all of the plays for the football team.” – Kurt Warner on which quarterback he trusts more: Matthew Stafford or Jay Cutler

“The Eagles return game is the best in the league by far and the Cowboys, it’s their Achilles heel…The key is in special teams.” – Steve Mariucci on the matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys

“It is one of the greatest that we’ll get for a long time to see these two guys going up against one another. It’s the classic quarterback in Tom Brady, who sits back and drops back and disperses that ball to everybody he has on his offense, and then it’s the new age quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. We’re battling times right here.” – Michael Irvin on the matchup of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

“I think it was the right decision and I don’t think it was that difficult of a decision when you’re looking at just the football part of this. RGIII hasn’t played well since he’s played in this system.” – Kurt Warner on the benching of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

“I think the game is moving too fast in this system [for Robert Griffin III]…Jay Gruden had to make this decision from the standpoint that if you leave a guy in with a team struggling [and] him struggling like that, as a coach I think you can lose your locker room. Everybody else sees this. He had to make a decision to move forward with somebody they believe they can win with now.” – Kurt Warner on the Washington Redskins quarterback situation

“We saw him as a rookie. He won the division, he won games, he was Offensive Rookie of the Year – he was dynamic. He hasn’t been the same since for whatever reason; call it injury, call it a new system but he hasn’t been playing as well as you need to play to win games. Jay [Gruden] is going to do this to create a spark, try to get something going with Colt McCoy.” – Steve Mariucci on the benching of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

Preview of Interview with Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon

This Sunday on NFL Network’s NFL GameDay Morning at 9:00 AM ET, NFL Network analyst Nate Burleson sits down with Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon. A preview of the interview aired today on the special Thanksgiving edition of NFL GameDay Morning:

On the difference between Josh Gordon off the field last year and now:

“The Josh Gordon off the field from last year was due to the Josh Gordon on the field from last year. Most of that trouble I think stemmed off of the crazy hysteria that was happening after the season. It was just so much free time, so much publicity and opportunities and people coming at you, and just being careless and reckless.”

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