NFL Network’s NFL Total Access Kickoff Notes & Quotes – New York Jets vs. New England Patriots

NFL Total Access Kickoff aired from outside Gillette Stadium tonight at 6:00 PM ET on NFL Network, with host Rich Eisen and analysts Marshall Faulk, Willie McGinest and Steve Mariucci providing pregame analysis leading up to Jets-Patriots on Thursday Night Football.

New York Jets – New England Patriots Pregame Quotes:

“His confidence is back, I believe his knee is back and he’s getting once again to that point we call ‘Revis Island.’” – Deion Sanders on New England Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis

“When Darrelle Revis learned he would be a free agent when the Bucs would cut him, he made a wish list of places he wanted to go. Number one on that list: the New York Jets. He wanted to play for Rex Ryan. He wanted to be in New York City. Number two was the Patriots [and] number three was the Broncos. Then he got released and he never heard from the Jets; not about a trade beforehand, not about signing him. So he agreed to a deal with the Patriots. Only then did the Jets reach out and try to snag him at the last minute. By then it was too late.” – Ian Rapoport on New England Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis

“One thing Darrelle Revis wanted more than anything else was to play offense and catch a pass against his former team. Look for it in the red zone especially.” – Ian Rapoport

“As a quarterback when you’re young, you need help. You need to feel like you have to be a facilitator; put the ball in guys hands and they’re going to get the job done. Geno is taking heat because people in New York are expecting him to win football games. With the talent that they have, you can’t win football games by yourself.” – Marshall Faulk on New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith

“I don’t see any creativity when it comes to this offense and the players that they have surrounding [Geno Smith].” – Willie McGinest on the New York Jets

“The strength of the Jets football team will lie with the defensive line…If they can pressure Tom Brady with a three or four man rush, and control the line of scrimmage, especially inside, this is going to be a heck of a game.” – Steve Mariucci on the New York Jets    

“They need to do two things if they’re going to be great and win a championship: take the ball away and keep teams out of the end zone. You have those two things, that’s the recipe for a championship.” – Willie McGinest on the New England Patriots defense     

“[The New England Patriots] they’re young, they have some guys that are inexperienced, but the one thing this team thrives on is what kind of football team are we at the end of the season?” – Marshall Faulk on the New England Patriots   

“I really like this defense and I think it’s an integral part of their success because…This defense, if they want to go all way, has to be the back bone of where they go.” – Bill Cowher on the New England Patriots     

“If you want your completion percentage to go up by ten percent, give Tom Brady a clean pocket. If you want [Tom Brady] to throw for 100-plus more yards in a game, give him a clean pocket. That’s what he’s going to do – he’s going to deliver the football down the football field when he has time to. If you can’t protect Tom Brady, then he’s just like every other quarterback when they’re pressured: he’s going to have a bad day.” – Marshall Faulk on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady       

Quick Quotes:

– “It’s a part of the process. Once we understood that we were part of the process, individually we had to go out there and take ownership of where we were going. That’s when the magic really happened and that took a while. We had to get the right pieces in place; bringing on coach [Bill] Belichick, obviously Tom Brady coming onto the scene was very crucial to the talent we already had. But once we collectively as a unit all were going the same direction, we won championships.” – Lawyer Milloy on ‘The Patriot Way’     

“I’m privileged to be involved in a number of businesses. You can have all the money in the world, you can have physical structures, but in the end it’s about the people you collect around you. We couldn’t have had a higher group of high character good people than the people sitting right here who did put team first; put their own individual situations secondary to the good of the team and that’s what we preach and that’s the way to have success in anything. I couldn’t be prouder than sitting here with all of you and thinking of the great memories of each one of you and how you contributed. But collectively was greater than what you could have done on your own.” – New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft on the New England Patriots

“Everything about the Patriots is about team. It’s kind of embarrassing [and] overwhelming when you’re out here and they’re celebrating you because we were all about team.” – Former New England Patriots cornerback Ty Law on being inducted into the Patriots Ring of Honor

“I’m not going to crown these guys just yet…They’ve got a lot of football left to play. They’re exceeding expectations. My hat is off to all of them. They’re doing a great job. Can it continue – I’m not so sure.” – Steve Mariucci on the Dallas Cowboys    

“Watching the Cowboys go up into Seattle, you have to put Dallas in the conversation of being the best team in the NFL.” – Marshall Faulk on Dallas Cowboys

On the following video clip from NFL Total Access Kickoff is available for viewing:

– Understanding the Patriot Way – NFL Network’s Willie McGinest talks with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and former players Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy, and Deion Branch:

– Tom Brady’s Salary Allows Patriots to Build – NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport breaks down how Tom Brady’s salary affects the New England Patriots:

– Mooch Tries Out to be a Minuteman – NFL Network’s Steve Mariucci joins the end zone militia in New England:

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