NFL Network’s ‘NFL Total Access Kickoff’ Notes & Quotes — New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins

NFL Total Access Kickoff aired from outside FedEx Field tonight at 6:00 PM ET on NFL Network, with host Rich Eisen and analysts Michael Irvin, Marshall Faulk and Steve Mariucci providing pregame analysis leading up to Giants-Redskins on Thursday Night Football.

New York Giants – Washington Redskins Pregame Quotes:

“It’s like a movie. We’ve seen this before; we saw it last year in Philadelphia…If Kirk Cousins can come in and play like Nick Foles played, when [Robert Griffin III] gets back he’s going to have to sit down next to coach and learn some stuff.” – Marshall Faulk on Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins

“This is a veteran football team getting better as [the season] goes. They’re the only team in the National Football League that ranks in the top ten in total offense and total defense…This is turning into a pretty complete team.” – Steve Mariucci on the Washington Redskins

“If you’re out here playing because you want to inspire a kid with cancer – play that way. If you’re out here because your grandmother is watching and she raised you and knows how much she sacrificed for you – play that way. If you’re playing the game for the NY on the side of your helmet – play that way. I wanted the guys to know that my Dad had diabetes and he ended up having to get both of his legs amputated. And I was reminded that morning he doesn’t have legs and that I do. So I was going to play that way.” – Giants running back Rashad Jennings on the speech he gave the team before last week’s win over the Houston Texans

“I am told by Redskins sources that there is no guarantee that RGIII is handed his starting job back when he does come back from this dislocated [ankle]. In fact, I am told the Redskins are internally open to the possibility that Kirk Cousins could come in over these next six weeks or so and simply win this job. Now, privately they do concede that RGIII is a better overall player, certainly more talented but there is the thought that Cousins might be a better fit for this system.” – Ian Rapoport on the Washington Redskins quarterback situation

“[Kirk Cousins] wants to prove that he deserves to be the starter in Washington, and this organization wants to prove that they did the right thing in trading away all of those draft picks for [Robert Griffin III].” – Steve Mariucci on the Washington Redskins quarterback situation

“He is the perfect fit to be quarterback in New York. You’ve got an old school, emotional coach in Tom Coughlin; he would drive a youngster crazy. Then you have the New York media who can be very nice to you if you win and very tough on you. You better have some thick skin… He’s calm, he’s confident and he is the exact right kind of personality for the Giants.” – Steve Mariucci on New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning

“It may not be a bad thing for RGIII to be playing maybe somewhere else. He can play in the National Football League. He’s just got to prove his durability.” Bill Cowher on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

“I feel like this is his breakout week. 10 weeks without a 100-yard game? It’s going to happen tonight in this stadium.” – Marshall Faulk on Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris

Quick Quotes:

“He directs the offense of the team; he does what he needs to do without making the major mistakes. That’s the big key that he does: he never makes a mistake. He ranks way up there with me right amongst the best.” – Michael Irvin on where Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson ranks among the other quarterbacks in the NFL

“It’s the only way that you can beat the New Orleans Saints. You have to use DeMarco Murray.” – Marshall Faulk on the Dallas Cowboys’ running game

On the following video clip from NFL Total Access Kickoff is available for viewing:

– The Faces of Eli – The NFL Total Access Kickoff crew examine the “many” faces of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning:





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