CBS & NFL Network’s ‘NFL Thursday Night Kickoff’ Notes & Quotes — Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons

NFL Thursday Night Kickoff aired from inside the Georgia Dome tonight at 7:30 PM ET on CBS and NFL Network, with host James Brown and analysts Bill Cowher and Deion Sanders providing pregame analysis leading up to Buccaneers-Falcons on Thursday Night Football.’

Former Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez joined the set in Atlanta.

CBS’ James Brown’s Interview with Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Lovie Smith

CBS’ James Brown sat down with Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Lovie Smith.

On the recent off-field events in the NFL:

“You shouldn’t have to tell a man that he’s not supposed to hit a woman. It’s as simple as that. When we’re dealing with our children, what’s more precious than our kids? So I think a lot of the things that are really going on right now today, it’s just common sense and you know these from just doing what’s right. We’re constantly talking to our guys about showing me. I tell my guys also always that the older I get, my hearing gets worse every day seemingly, but my sight gets better. Just show me what you do and I think players are looking for examples, and that’s why it’s important for our players to behave a certain way because someone is always watching.”

On the 0-2 start to the season:

“We just have to be consistent. We set the pattern, direction we were going, how we were going to win football games. We’re not going to change course and start doing different things. We’re going to just do those things better.”

On if his team can be successful with the defensive-style of football they play:

“Yes, I definitely think so. For me, that’s in my DNA. It’s not a negative to have a good defense. I think you just look to the Super Bowl champion. They have a team dominated with great defense. They’re a balanced attack on the offensive side of the football. But for us, it’s just not about defense. We want the same thing from our offense. And right now I feel like our offense is a little bit ahead of our defense.”

On how the players are responding to him and his coaching style:

“One of the reasons why there is not any panic around here is based on that and what I’ve seen from our men here. They buy in. They believe. They show up every day with their lunch pail. And they just want to know how and why, which is good. I like when players want to know why we do things a certain way. In an ideal world, of course, you want to start off with wins right away. But you really do have to crawl before you walk. Behind the scenes, things are being done and eventually they’ll turn into wins.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Atlanta Falcons Pregame Quotes:

“He is a great backup. He’s not a starter. He was a backup in Chicago and that’s what he is in my mind right now.” – Bill Cowher on Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh McCown

“They have good young talent on the outside in the receivers. They have outside corners. I love their secondary with the safeties. They are building a line. This team is going to be built for the future. The quarterback position will be the key to how far they go.” – Bill Cowher on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“We’ve given you every receiver in the book. You have a running game that’s upgraded. You have an offensive line that’s upgraded. Can you take us to the Promised Land? Because this is what we paid you for. We don’t have to put all of the tools around you to be great. You should make us great.” – Deion Sanders on Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan

“Obviously it’s a big loss, not just from what he does on the field but emotionally too. Besides Matt Ryan, he is the other spiritual leader on that side of the ball for that offense. He gets them going.” – Tony Gonzalez on Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White not playing

“No…I know I can still play. But at the same time, I got 17 years in the league. I really do feel content and happy to be up here because I win every week.” – Tony Gonzalez if he would return to the Atlanta Falcons if they called and had a chance to make the playoffs




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