Quotes From Week 2 Editions of NFL Network’s ‘NFL GameDay Highlights’ & ‘NFL GameDay Final’

Quotes From NFL GameDay Highlights & NFL GameDay Final

“There are a lot of people that really like Cousins. The kid makes the right reads, he gets the ball out of there, he does what needs to be done to matriculate that offense down the field. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a little controversy when RGIII gets ready to come back if they start winning.” – Deion Sanders on Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins

“This is one of the few teams in the league that I think have two capable quarterbacks. I believe RGIII can win and I believe Kirk Cousins can win. RGIII’s problem is his health. It’s that simple. He can do it, he’s smart enough, he’s athletic enough, he can make all the throws but he simply hasn’t been healthy.” – Steve Mariucci on the Washington Redskins quarterback situation

“When we give you a hundred [million dollars], you are supposed to have us on your back and lead us into the promise land. We don’t need to give you all the tools and all the accessories for you to be great.” – Deion Sanders on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick who had three interceptions and a fumble lost against the Chicago Bears

“Those were two huge plays he came up with. You can’t account for that, especially a rookie coming off the bench. You cannot account for that.” – Deion Sanders on Chicago Bears first round pick Kyle Fuller who had two big interceptions in the second half

“Their defense isn’t what it once was – the same intimidating dominating defense.” – Deion Sanders on the San Francisco 49ers defense

“In the first half when everything seemed to be going wrong for the Chicago Bears offensively, that defense kept them in the game.” – Marshall Faulk on the Chicago Bears defense

“They have to find a pass rush if they’re going to move forward.” – Marshall Faulk on the San Francisco 49ers pass rush

“He’s snatching everything between heaven and earth in his direction.” – Michael Irvin on Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall who had five receptions for 48 yards and three touchdowns

“I thought they did a phenomenal job. They matched the physicality of the Seattle Seahawks. That’s one thing when the Chargers are playing at home, they always get up for their games at home.” – LaDainian Tomlinson on the San Diego Chargers who beat the Seattle Seahawks 30-21

“I like the San Diego Chargers’ attitude because they have the attitude and personality of their quarterback. We love Philip Rivers; you love Philip Rivers. You know when something goes wrong he’s the first one to take the podium and take the blame.” – Deion Sanders on San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers

“Let’s start giving this kid some love. Edelman can really play and he’s been the man since [Wes] Welker has left.” – Michael Irvin on New England wide receiver Julian Edelman who had six receptions for 81 yards and a touchdown

“This guy is sensational. He’s going to be one of those Tony Gonzalez kind of guys.” – Steve Mariucci on Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas who had four receptions for 39 yards and a touchdown against their division rival Kansas City Chiefs

“The Saints are a dome football team guys. They really don’t win outside of the dome consistently…This defense is truly letting them down in all phases.” – Deion Sanders on the New Orleans Saints who lost on the road to the Cleveland Browns

“I always believe in Eli, not the rest of them though.” – Deion Sanders on quarterback Eli Manning the New York Giants

“I’m more shocked than anything with the Giants man. I think the Giants are one of the worst [teams]. I really do.” – Deion Sanders on the New York Giants defense

“The Buffalo Bills, they have two running backs that are very capable, they have a receiver now that’s off the charts, they have a quarterback who’s learning. But defensively these guys are winning on that side of the ball. I feel like that’s why the Buffalo Bills are 2-0. I like them. I like them.” – Deion Sanders on the Buffalo Bills who won 29-10 over the Miami Dolphins to move to 2-0 and first place in the AFC East

“They’ve got a nice, young, talented team that they can have for a while to develop.” – Michael Irvin on the Buffalo Bills

“Luke Kuechly might be the best inside linebacker in Football.” – Marshall Faulk on Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly who recorded eight tackles in the 24-7 win over the Detroit Lions

“This guy’s Junior Megatron. This guy’s a beast.” – Steve Mariucci on Carolina Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin

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