Countdown To Kickoff (10 Days)



The 2013 season was full of excitement, but that should be no surprise. Unpredictability is the norm in today’s NFL.

Scoring at an all-time high…new teams making the playoffs and winning divisions…consistent teams excelling once again…records falling…young players making their mark…and so much more!

“It happens every week in the NFL,” says New England Patriots quarterback TOM BRADY. “You look up at the scoreboard during the game, and say ‘Wow, they beat them?’”

The NFL is never short on surprises, and the 2013 season was no different:

A record 11,985 points were scored, with games averaging 46.8 points, the highest average in NFL history (46.5 in 1948).

In all, 1,338 total touchdowns were scored, surpassing the league-wide record of 1,297, which occurred in 2012.

Eleven teams scored at least 400 points last season – Denver (606), Chicago (445), New England (444), Philadelphia (442), Dallas (439), Cincinnati (430), Kansas City (430), Green Bay (417), Seattle (417), New Orleans (414) and San Francisco (406) – topping the previous record of nine in 2008 and 2012. Those 11 teams combined for a .668 winning percentage and nine qualified for the playoffs.

There were five new playoff teams in 2013: Carolina, Kansas City, New Orleans, Philadelphia and San Diego. Since the 12-team playoff format was adopted in 1990, at least four teams have qualified for the playoffs in every season that were not in the postseason the year before.

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