NFL Health and Safety Press Conference

The NFL today released injury data as part of a press conference on health and safety, including information on ACL/MCL injuries and concussion rates.

At the event, DR. JOHN YORK, San Francisco 49ers Co-Chairman and Chairman of the NFL owner’s health and safety committee, spoke on the NFL’s commitment to research, DR. MATT MATAVA, St. Louis Rams team physician and President of NFL Physicians Society, talked about the role of the team physician, DR. MITCH BERGER, Chair, Subcommittee on Former Players and Long-Term Effects of Brain and Spine Injury, NFL Head, Neck & Spine Committee; Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery, University of California San Francisco, discussed advances in the science around head injuries, and JEFF MILLER, NFL Senior Vice President of Health & Safety Policy, presented data from recent years on a variety of injuries.

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