For Fans, “It’s Serious Fun” with NFL Media This Season

New Campaign Created by David&Goliath Features Commercials for NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football and Fantasy Football 

With training camps underway, preseason games kicking off this weekend and the regular season just around the corner, NFL Media has rolled out a new campaign entitled “It’s Serious Fun.”

Developed by LA-based creative agency David&Goliath, the campaign recently debuted with three television spots:  “Rooftop” and “Mountain” for NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football, and “Wheat Field” for Fantasy Football. The fully integrated promotion, consisting of national TV, print, radio, online, events and on-air spots, will appear throughout the NFL season.

In the launch commercials highlighting Thursday Night Football and Fantasy Football, “It’s Serious Fun” show that there’s more to football than Xs and Os. The spots depict the NFL as a source of entertainment and camaraderie, a catalyst for more fun, more excitement, more competition and more time with friends.

David&Goliath brings the idea to life featuring a deadpan yet charismatic character who speaks in a serious tone…all while talking about the fun of Thursday Night Football or Fantasy Football.  He does so in locations that are purposely dramatic and serious, yet he’s quirky and engaging.

“This campaign marks an exciting new path for one of the strongest and best-established brands in America,” said David Angelo, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of David&Goliath. “We are proud to work with NFL Media and engage its fervent, loyal fan base that has a boundless appetite for NFL content.”

Two TV ads for Thursday Night Football take place in cinematic, visually engaging locations.  The first, “Rooftop” (30 seconds), has our character atop a downtown building with skyscrapers and the lights of the city behind him.  He speaks about the excitement of football, of the memories that await with the beginning of the September-through-December, 13-game Thursday Night Football season.

In the second, “Mountain” (30 seconds), set on an alpine vista amidst a herd of sheep, the character weaves a story about the fun of watching games socially, of giving and receiving high fives and man hugs among a group of friends.  The spot for Fantasy Football, “Wheat Field” (30 seconds), takes place in an expansive golden field of wheat, and our character delivers a soliloquy on how easy and fun it is to sign-up and play the NFL’s fantasy football game.

This NFL season proves “It’s Serious Fun” with the NFL Media properties.


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