USA TODAY: Union “stiff-arming” HGH testing, “it’s time to move the ball forward”

The editorial board of USA Today in today’s paper expressed its disappointment with the NFL Players Association for blocking random HGH testing.

“The hype around human growth hormone — that HGH increases muscle mass, speeds healing of injuries and boosts the effect of steroids — has made it popular among athletes willing to cheat,” the editorial begins. “Never mind the drug’s serious dangers. And the fact that it’s tough to detect? For the cheaters, that’s a huge plus.

“All of which made the NFL and the NFL Players Association look good last month when they agreed to a modest, random HGH testing program in their collective bargaining agreement. But now, with the season going into its fourth week, the union is stiff-arming the plan, and there’s no telling when testing will begin.”

The editorial continues, “A few points are clear. If the union had so many objections to the current testing regime, it shouldn’t have agreed ‘in principle’ to start testing. At minimum, it should propose an alternative. The proposed program is modest. Far from testing every player, every game, it would start with weekly unannounced tests of five to 10 players on three clubs — all randomly chosen.

“And while tests are on hold, cheaters can prosper and players are endangered. It’s time to move the ball forward.”

For the complete USA Today editorial, click here.

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