NFL players in Rwanda: “We are arguing over billions of dollars…they have real issues, suffering here”

Nine NFL players are in Africa helping to outfit the people of Rwanda with hearing aids, according to a recent story by Steve Terrill.

“Half a world removed from a bitter labor impasse over billions of dollars, a group of NFL players landed in a country recently riven by genocide and turned its attention to the most basic of human needs – hearing,” Terrill writes.

“In Rwanda, Derrick Morgan (Titans), Gerald McCoy (Bucs), Roy Williams (Bengals), Tommie Harris (former Bear), Vernon Davis (49ers), Vontae Davis (Dolphins), Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals), Bryant McKinnie (Vikings) and Adrian Peterson (Vikings) took part in a mission to provide hearing aids and other assistance.”

“They have real problems over here,” Morgan said. “We are arguing over billions of dollars, but they have real issues and real suffering here.”

Hundreds of functionally deaf Rwandans came to receive the hearing aids and were helped by NFL players who attached amplifiers to impression-molds that were already fitted in the ear.

“The first time I helped someone to hear, I was so moved. I was emotional,” Fitzgerald said. “To see a child hear their mother’s voice for the first time and see their family’s reaction is one of the moments I will never forget. We all have basic needs, and hearing is one of those needs.”

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