NFL owners’ support of players is wide ranging

Aside from the nearly $2 million average salary of NFL players, the NFL clubs also fund a wide range of benefits and programs to support players and help them not only during their NFL careers but in making the transition to their post-NFL lives.

NFL Player Engagement offers programs to support players in five areas: Career Development, Career Transition, Continuing Education, Financial Education and Player Assistance Services.

Below are the player benefits under the expired Collective Bargaining Agreement (all of these benefits were in place and funded in the 2006-09 seasons when a salary cap was in place).

In recent years, annual benefit payments to current and retired players have been approximately $200 million. That amount would increase under proposals made by NFL owners in the current round of collective bargaining.

Player benefits

» Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle Retirement Plan

» Second Career Plan

» Supplemental Disability

» Player Annuity Program

» Group Insurance

» Health Reimbursement Account

» 88 Plan (Dementia)

» Joint Replacement Plan

» Drug Prescription Discount Card Program

» Medicare Supplement Program

» Vested Inactive Life Insurance

» Severance Pay

» Post Season Pay

» Performance Based Pay

» Injury Protection

» Workers Comp

» Pre-season Per Diems

» Meal Allowances

» Practice Squad Post-season Pay

» Moving and Travel

» Off-season & Rookie Orientation

» Tuition Assistance Plan

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