Eagles president Joe Banner: Players offered additional $2 billion over next four years

Philadelphia Eagles president Joe Banner (left) today discussed the proposal NFL clubs made last week to the NFL Players Association in an interview on Pro Football Talk Live.

Banner noted that the deal the union walked away from featured an additional $2 billion in cash and benefits to players over the next four years.

“If you looked going forward over the next four years, this would produce somewhere between $19-20 billion in cash and benefits to the players.  If you look back at the last four years, that number was a little bit over $17 billion,” Banner said.

“I know we are talking numbers that are hard for the average fan to relate to,” Banner continued. “But you are talking about a significant increase over the next four years versus the past four years in a combination of cap and benefits to the players and in a formula that accomplished what the owners needed to do to be able to get the game and keep it as strong as it is by doing things like investing in stadiums and investing in the NFL Network and assuming the costs of operating expenses on these new stadiums.”

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