Report: AFL-CIO encouraging NFL players to “abandon collective bargaining”

“It’s not every day the AFL-CIO encourages workers to dismantle their labor union and abandon collective bargaining,” writes Chris Moody today in The Daily Caller, “but in the case of the NFL Players Association’s battle with team owners, Big Labor is cheering it on.

“While unions in states like Wisconsin and Indiana protest in defense of collective bargaining rights, the AFL-CIO is actively championing NFL players to dissolve their union and drop their AFL-CIO membership to better position themselves in a contract fight with the league’s owners,” Moody continues. “The players’ union is expected to disband its labor union so its athletes, many of them millionaires, can lock down a bigger payday.”

Said AFL-CIO spokesman Josh Goldstein, “We’re going to support the decisions that they make and what they feel is best to get to an agreement with the league and make sure there’s a decision next year and make sure there isn’t a lockout. They have a lot of different ways they’re considering to get to that agreement and that’s certainly one of them…They can always recertify the union.”

Patrick Semmens of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation questioned AFL-CIO support of the tactic.

“It certainly is hypocritical how hard they fight against regular employees having an up or down vote on getting rid of their union and at the same time they’ve encouraged it in this one instance,” Semmens said. “There aren’t really any principles behind what organized labor’s trying to do.”

Moody added further context, writing that “it would seem that the AFL-CIO is conceding that their traditional tactics are not always the most effective strategy for workers. But the NFL fight is different than most labor disputes: It’s rare, for instance, that the workers fighting the bosses each earn more than $300,000 per year, with many others raking in salaries in the millions.”

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