Union and NFL agree: Players got “a great deal” in current CBA

NFL Players Association president Kevin Mawae yesterday discussed the labor negotiations on Sirius XM’s “Mad Dog Radio.”

“I think what really happened is in 2006, we got such a great deal,” said Mawae, an eight-time Pro Bowl center who retired prior to the 2010 season. “I mean the players got a good deal and the owners felt they got it handed to them and it’s kind of a revenge factor, ‘let’s get back what we felt like we lost,’ and things like that.”

NFL executive vice president Jeff Pash expressed the same view of the 2006 agreement in a different way yesterday.

“We have said we don’t have anyone to blame but ourselves,” Pash said, “but it is not an agreement that has worked out in a satisfactory way.  Rather than kick the can down the road another four or five years, let’s figure out how we can get a system in place that will be positive for players and positive for clubs.”

Clearly, there is no argument here.

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