Broncos fan gets phone call from Commissioner Goodell

Denver Broncos fan James Owen, who writes “The South Stands” blog, received a phone call from Commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday in response to an email he sent “to express his frustration about the lack of open discourse from the league and the NFL Players Association about the labor negotiations,” according to Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post.

Jones wrote that the two had “a 15-minute conversation in which Goodell responded to the issues Owen had raised in his email. Owen said it was a ‘low-key’ and friendly talk, like any normal chat between sports fans.”

Said Owen, “He said he got my email and wanted to first off thank me for sending my concerns to him, and wanted to let me know they are always concerned about the fans and wouldn’t be in position where it was if it wasn’t for the fans. It was the standard stuff we’ve heard from the league, but he added some personal stuff to it.”

Owen, the story concluded, said he did not receive a return call from the union.

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