Falcons owner Arthur Blank on CBA negotiations: “Commissioner and negotiators ready to do whatever it takes”

Falcons owner Arthur Blank spoke at a luncheon with Atlanta business leaders last week and discussed topics including NFL labor negotiations, D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

“Yes, I think there will be football in 2011,” Blank said. “We continue to work as hard as we can.”

“The owners are looking forward to having a successful conclusion to the bargaining process,” Blank continued. “We want a healthy league; a healthy league for all of the stakeholders. That starts with our fans, includes our ownership, our players, everybody that is connected to the NFL.”

“My view is that we are in these negotiations,” Blank concluded. “I’m hoping they will accelerate. The Commissioner is prepared to go 24/7. The Commissioner and the negotiators that are involved are ready to do whatever it takes. Throwing themselves in the room, throwing away the key and have them feed them food under the doors, whatever it’s going to take . . . we need to get the NFLPA to step up with the same sense of urgency to make that happen.”

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