Commissioner Goodell: New CBA by March is critical

In an interview with David Feith of the Wall Street Journal, Commissioner Roger Goodell discussed the importance of negotiating a new Collective Bargaining Agreement before the current CBA expires on March 4.

Feith cited an October Wall Street Journal story stating that “losses could amount to $1 billion by August—even before a single regular-season game is cancelled. The report noted that March alone could see $400 million in lost season-ticket sales and concession contracts.”

Said Commissioner Goodell, “What’s the final moment? What we’re trying to convince the players of is that it’s March. Because [then] the damage starts to increase dramatically.”

“What is true of the NFL is that it has been well-managed over the years,” Commissioner Goodell continued. “And that has been beneficial to the fans, it’s been beneficial to the game itself, it’s been beneficial to the players, coaches and everyone involved.”

A new CBA will position the NFL for continued growth.  

“There are lots of businesses that are well in excess of $9 billion that have gone into bankruptcy, that have been mismanaged,” Commissioner Goodell concluded. “And that has not served anyone very well.”

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