“Do do that voodoo that you do so well”

The above lyric from the 1928 hit song “You Do Something to Me” by the legendary composer Cole Porter can be applied more than eight decades later to describe economic claims made by the NFL Players Association.

On a conference call with media today, assistant executive director George Atallah recycled the union’s claim about the economic impact of a lockout.

“The average economic impact that we came up with was about $160 million,” Atallah said. “So you multiply that by 32 and there is your number.”

However, not everybody agrees. In fact, those numbers were debunked by economists in a story by Eric Stirgus of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Politifact.com and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Stirgus consulted a number of experts and posted links to four of the economic impact studies he reviewed. He concluded: “Each independent expert we talked to believed there will be little economic impact if there is no NFL action next season, since they believe people will find other ways to spend their money. We rate the NFL Players Association’s claim as False.”

To further its claim still, the union recruited Jerry Watson, owner of The Stadium View Bar & Grille in Green Bay, to participate on the media call.

“Our business would be one-third depleted just from the Packers not playing,” Watson said.

Surely then, it’s elementary that Mr. Watson’s business would increase in an enhanced season with 18 regular-season games.

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