NPR commentator: Rooney Rule “a wild success”

This morning on National Public Radio, commentator John Ridley discussed the effect of the Rooney Rule on head coaching opportunities for minorities.

“I would look at it and say it’s been a wild success,” Ridley said. “Right now you have eight coaches – more than at any other time – and in addition to that you have had four black coaches who have gone on to the Super Bowl and two who have won championships.  You look at that in about seven years and it’s a pretty successful program.”

The program is working so well for coaches, Ridley said, that he would “put a clock on it.”

“I would say in the next three seasons – it would be about a decade – we are going to end the Rooney Rule [for coaches],” said Ridley. “You could go out saying it is a wild success. The NFL should hold it up as being a program that has really done the job.”

To listen to the complete commentary, click here.

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