Mark Murphy letter to Packers ticket holders: “We want football without interruption”

Tony Walter of the Green Bay Press-Gazette writes today of a recent letter sent by Mark Murphy to Packers season ticket holders under the header “Green Bay Packers president expects deal between NFL, union.”

Walter writes that Murphy, the team’s president and CEO, “has informed season ticket holders there is ‘no doubt’ that National Football League owners will reach a labor agreement with the players union.”

Walter quoted portions of the letter in his story. “Our negotiations with the union are professional, not personal,” Murphy wrote. “We all want an agreement, but it cannot be any agreement. … We want football without interruption, but we also need to ensure that the game is sound and strong well into the future.”

Walter noted that Murphy, who serves on the NFL’s 10-member Management Council Executive Committee which is responsible for labor negotiations, “told ticket holders that there are inequities in the current labor agreement that have to be addressed.”

Wrote Murphy: “This includes ending the practice of paying outrageous sums to untested rookies so that we can shift money to proven veterans and deserving retired players. We must have an agreement that delivers more quality to our fans, who spend hard-earned money to attend our games.”

“It is in no one’s interest … for this negotiation to result in anything that damages the game we love and that we have all worked so hard to build with your tremendous support.”

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