NFL: Union spinning “economic fairy tales” to inject politics into negotiations

Players union executive director DeMaurice Smith, who in February predicted the possibility of a lockout as “a 14” on a scale of 1 to 10, called a work stoppage a “near certainty” in a story today by Bloomberg News writer Curtis Eichelberger.

Eichelberger cited a recent interview Smith conducted with Bloomberg television. “The magnitude of the loss would be at the very least about $160 million to $170 million per team-city,” Smith said in the interview. “That is a conservative estimate of the economic impact.”

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello disputed Smith’s numbers, which are based on union projections rather than a government agency, investment bank or noted economist.

“It is a series of numbers pulled from thin air in a misguided attempt to inject politics into the collective bargaining process,” Aiello said. “There is a fair deal to be done and soon if the union will bargain with the same fervor it displays in creating economic fairy tales.”

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