Retired player: Rookie wage scale “could go a long way in assisting pioneers of professional football”

The header “NFL first-round picks received over $528 million in guaranteed bonuses in 2010” tops a recent story written by retired NFL player Jeff Nixon (right), a member of the national advocacy committee for the “Fourth and Goal” organization of NFL alumni.

“So another year goes by without a rookie wage scale,” Nixon writes on the Fourth and Goal Unites website. “How do you as a former player feel about this?”

“Most of the rookie wage scale savings will obviously come from the first round draft picks, but even if a wage scale is set, all 32 of the players selected in next year’s draft will still be multi-millionaires before they set one foot on an NFL field,” adds Nixon, who played four seasons at defensive back for the Buffalo Bills beginning in 1979.

“By adopting a rookie wage scale,” Nixon concludes. “The active players could go a long way in assisting the pioneers of professional football and the veteran players that have already proven themselves in the NFL.”

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