Times-Picayune: “NFL fans won’t oppose expanding the season”

John DeShazier of the New Orleans Times-Picayune takes a look at the proposed enhanced season, writing under the header “NFL fans, who would get more for their money, won’t oppose expanding the season.”

“Anything that gives fans a little more for their money, I’m all for,” DeShazier begins. “And if change simply means they’ll be getting what they already are paying for then, certainly, make the change that Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL owners overwhelmingly seem to want added to the next collective bargaining agreement.

“Give fans two more regular-season NFL games,” DeShazier continues. “Expand the regular season to 18 games, reduce the number of exhibition games to two and collectively, fans aren’t going to pine for the good ol’ days. Coaches will adjust accordingly. They’ll simply work to get players in game shape quicker and since roster cutdowns pretty much are a foregone conclusion – I’m betting coaches have a real good idea what the final roster will look like by the first week of August, give or take a player or two – almost all of the player evaluation will be derived from practice, which is where most of it is drawn from, anyway.”

“Owners will love it, of course, because more games means a better television contract,” DeShazier adds. “And players will navigate it. They won’t be opposed to higher salaries – that’s going to happen with more games played – and they won’t miss the drudgery of four meaningless exhibition games in which the starters play the equivalent of, maybe, one full game.

“The difference for fans is that they’ll get more of what they’re paying to see,” DeShazier concludes. “And it’s hard to imagine any of them being against that.”

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