Retired player: “Big thumbs up” for enhanced season

NFL owners will today discuss the enhanced season at a league meeting in Atlanta. Among the many proponents of the plan is Dolphin Digest publisher Tom Curtis, who played for the Baltimore Colts in the early 1970s and writes in the magazine’s August 2010 issue under the header “Big thumbs up for 18-game season.”

“No matter what it takes to get a new CBA agreement between the owners and players,” Curtis writes, “it will dictate an 18-game regular season and two preseason games.”

“With the offseason training programs, minicamps, and required conditioning, the players do not need more than two preseason games,” Curtis adds. “And coaches already know, within a couple of players, the make-up of their final roster after a few weeks of training camp.”

“The fans will be the real beneficiaries of the extended regular season,” Curtis concludes. “Their season-ticket dollars will be better spent and they get two more weeks of real NFL football.”

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