Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft: “United ownership” focused on “allowing league to grow for players and fans”

Looking ahead to this week’s Annual Meeting in Orlando, Patriots chairman & CEO Robert Kraft (left) spoke with Boston Globe NFL writer Albert Breer.

“The most important thing about this league meeting that’s different than other years is that we continue to have a very united ownership,” said Kraft, one of 10 owners/team presidents on the league’s Management Council Executive Committee which is responsible for labor negotiations. “This is my 17th season, and I’ve never seen ownership as united on any issue as we are on this [labor] issue. We have a great sport, and we have to be smart enough to allow the league to grow for the players and the fans.

“Everyone understands we have something special,’’ Kraft continued. “We’ve got to get it right, so it works long-term. And it’s amazing now, the small-market teams, the big-market teams, the middle range, there’s a consistency in thought. I’ve never seen that kind of unity. That’s good for the game. We’re not together for confrontation. We want what’s best for the NFL.’’

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