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Boston Globe focuses on Uncapped Season

New York Jets RFA Braylon Edwards

Patriots beat writer Albert Breer today takes an in-depth look at the 2010 uncapped season in a Boston Globe story.

“So 212 fourth- and fifth-year players will be restricted free agents, where they would have been unrestricted in the past,” Breer writes. “The salary floor will disappear with the cap, and players looking for money will do so in an uncertain economic climate while their union sniffs around for collusion.”

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Redskins to offer RFA tender to QB Jason Campbell

Redskins QB Jason Campbell

Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell will be offered a contract tender by the team, Washington head coach Mike Shanahan said at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Campbell is one of two starting quarterbacks along with Denver’s Kyle Orton who will be a restricted free agent in an uncapped 2010 season rather than an unrestricted free agent.  Campbell and Orton both have five accrued seasons which previously would have qualified them for unrestricted free agency.

“I understand it’s a process and I’m just going to let [agent] Joel [Segal] handle everything,” Campbell said in an interview with Rick Maese of the Washington Post.

Depending on the dollar value of the tender offer, the Redskins will receive draft choice compensation if Campbell signs with another club and the Redskins do not exercise their right to match.

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Saints offer tenders to 13 RFAs

Saints RB Pierre Thomas

With the deadline to make qualifying offers to restricted free agents on Thursday, March 4, the New Orleans Saints announced contract tenders to 13 players. The Saints have 18 players with three, four and five accrued seasons who would be restricted free agents when the 2010 season starts on March 5.

Saints contract tenders
Defensive tackle Remi Ayodele
Offensive tackle Jammal Brown
Offensive tackle Jermon Bushrod
Defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove
Safety Roman Harper
Linebacker Marvin Mitchell
Wide receiver Lance Moore
Safety Chris Reis
Wide receiver Courtney Roby
Offensive tackle Zach Strief
Tight end David Thomas
Running back Pierre Thomas
Safety Usama Young

For complete lists of 2010 restricted free agents, click here.

Six Franchise Players Named for 2010

Vince Wilfork, Patriots

Six franchise player designations were announced today for the 2010 NFL free agency signing period that begins on March 5.  There are no transition player designations this year.

Following are the players designated franchise players for 2010:

2010 Franchise Players
Green Bay defensive tackle Ryan Pickett
New England defensive tackle Vince Wilfork
Oakland defensive end Richard Seymour**
Pittsburgh kicker Jeff Reed
San Francisco defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin
Seattle kicker Olindo Mare

**exclusive rights franchise player

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A Decade of Franchise & Transition Tags

With this afternoon’s 4:00 PM ET deadline for teams to designate franchise and transition players for the 2010 season, following is a year-by-year look at the number of players “tagged” in each category over the past decade:

Season                        Franchise Tags            Transition Tags
2009                                          14                                           0
2008                                          12                                           1
2007                                           7                                            0
2006                                           3                                            3
2005                                         12                                            1
2004                                         10                                            1
2003                                           8                                            3
2002                                           9                                            0
2001                                           4                                            2
2000                                          9                                            1

Ask – Questions & Answers

We continue to receive questions via Here are two recent questions and our answers:

Do you agree with DeMaurice Smith that the owners’ current proposal would reduce veteran salaries by 18% and the players’ share of revenues from 59% to 41%? 

Those numbers that Mr. Smith used at his Super Bowl press conference are inaccurate. No current player needs to take a pay-cut as a result of our proposal. Our goal is to generate a pool of resources in order to have continued investment and continued growth. This will lead to higher salaries and higher benefits for players.

Is it true that the league is not appealing the Special Master’s decision in the supplemental revenue sharing case? 

We are not appealing because the impact of the Special Master’s decision is really insignificant and does not affect our overall revenue sharing system.

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Year-by-Year Salary Cap

As we approach an uncapped 2010 season, we have been asked for a year-by-year listing of the salary cap since it was instituted in 1994. The year-by-year listing follows:

Year                  Maximum Team Salary
2009                              $123 million
2008                              $116 million
2007                              $109 million
2006                              $102 million
2005                              $85.5 million
2004                              $80.582 million
2003                              $75.007 million
2002                              $71.101 million
2001                              $67.405 million
2000                             $62.172 million
1999                              $57.288 million
1998                              $52.388 million
1997                              $41.454 million
1996                              $40.753 million
1995                              $37.1 million
1994                              $34.608 million

49ers place Franchise tag on NT Aubrayo Franklin

The San Francisco 49ers placed the Franchise tag on nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin, the team announced today.  A seven-year veteran, Franklin was one of 235 players on the 2010 unrestricted free agent list we posted last week.  The franchise tender for a defensive tackle is $7,003,000 or 120% of his 2009 salary, whichever is greater.

For the team’s official press release, click here.

For the list of unrestricted free agents, click here.

For the complete list of franchise and transition player tenders, click here.

Restricted free agents with 3 accrued seasons

Previously, we posted the list of restricted free agents with four and five accrued seasons in an uncapped 2010 season. Those are players who previously would have been unrestricted free agents.

We also posted the list of unrestricted free agents for the 2010 season.

In order to complete your files, some of you asked for the list of 2010 restricted free agents with THREE accrued seasons. These players would have been restricted free agents in 2010 regardless of the existence of a salary cap.



Seasons Club Player Pos Starts Current Agent*
3 ARZ Breaston, Steve WR 6 Graves, David Wayne
3 ARZ Claxton, Ben C 0 Cindrich, Ralph E.
3 ARZ Patrick, Ben TE 7 Omell, Kevin J.
3 ARZ Sendlein, Lyle C 16 Metz, Eric
3 ARZ Spach, Stephen TE 5 Baxter, Jill McBride
3 ATL Harris, Antoine FS 0 Chilcoat, Jeffrey R.
3 ATL Snelling, Jason RB 2 Smith, Scott J.
3 BLT Barnes, Antwan OLB 0 Rosenhaus, Drew
3 BLT Beck, John QB 0 Dunn, David L.
3 BLT Burgess, Prescott OLB 0 Kleine, Thomas
3 BLT Gaither, Jared T 11 Rosenhaus, Drew
3 BLT Jones, Edgar TE 0 Kleine, Thomas
3 BLT McClain, Le’Ron FB 14 France, Todd E.
3 BLT Smith, Troy QB 0 Cindrich, Ralph E.
3 BLT Yanda, Marshal G 9 Cornrich, Neil
3 BUF Klopfenstein, Joe TE 1 McCartney, Michael S.
3 BUF Schouman, Derek TE 2 Fox, Derrick
3 BUF Scott, Jonathan T 8 Woy, Jordan
3 CAR Leonard, Louis DE 1 Wright, Angelo
3 CAR Lloyd, Rhys K 0 Murtha, Frank J.
3 CAR Moore, Matt QB 5 Lashbrook, G. Lynn
3 CAR Teal, Quinton SS 3 Turner, Joel E.
3 CAR Tyler, Tank NT 2 Woy, Jordan
3 CAR Wilson, C.J. CB 0 McElroy, William Vann
3 CHI Roach, Nick OLB 15 Wright, Joseph D.
3 CIN Coats, Daniel TE 11 Palumbo, Joseph P.
3 CIN Foschi, J.P. TE 10 Cindrich, Ralph E.
3 CIN Jones, David CB 0 Colton, Jerrold D.
3 CLV Estandia, Greg TE 1 Palumbo, Joseph P.
3 CLV Trusnik, Jason OLB 10 Ghahremani, Bardia
3 CLV Ventrone, Raymond FS 0 Linta, Joseph Michael
3 DAL Siavii, Junior NT 0 Bauer, Frank
3 DET Bryan, Copeland DE 1 Silberman, Wynn
3 DET Hobbs, Kevin CB 2 Joel, Andrew J.
3 DET Ramirez, Manuel G 12 Smith, Jarrett C.
3 GB Williams, Tramon CB 10 Williams, Rodney N.
3 GB Wynn, DeShawn RB 0 Phillips, Christina M.
3 HST Bulman, Tim DE 1 LaMontagne, Noel
3 IND Bullitt, Melvin SS 12 Roth, Leonard S.
3 IND Federkeil, Daniel G 0 Scott, Gil
3 IND Johnson, Antonio DT 15 Cook, James A.
3 IND Muir, Daniel DT 10 Paige, Anthony
3 JAX Peterson, Greg DT 0 Johnson, Edward G.
3 KC Alleman, Andy G 3 Linta, Joseph Michael
3 KC Battle, Jackie RB 0 Roth, Leonard S.
3 KC Ndukwe, Ikechuku T 3 Leshnock, Brad
3 MIA Moses, Quentin OLB 0 Kiernan, Sean E.
3 MIN Frampton, Eric SS 0 Morgan, Ryan W.
3 NE Taylor, Chris RB 0 Magid, Martin R.
3 NO Ayodele, Remi NT 13 Woy, Jordan
3 NO Bushrod, Jermon T 14 Rosa, Richard M.
3 NO Charleston, Jeff DE 0 Baratz, Blake Aaron
3 NO Eckel, Kyle FB 2 Wiestling, Chad E.
3 NO Mitchell, Marvin MLB 2 Cook, James A.
3 NO Reis, Chris SS 1 Peter, Bradley S.
3 NO Thomas, Pierre RB 6 Smith, Lamont
3 NO Young, Usama FS 1 Simms, Andrew E.
3 NYG Hixon, Domenik WR 2 Metz, Eric
3 NYG Johnson, Darcy TE 4 Unknown,
3 NYG Tollefson, Dave DE 0 Flanagan, Joseph M.
3 NYJ Ihedigbo, James FS 0 Butz, David R.
3 NYJ Murrell, Marques OLB 0 Feinsod, Jonathan
3 NYJ Wright, Wallace WR 0 Baker, Andrew M.
3 OAK Condo, Jon LS 0 Wiestling, Chad E.
3 OAK Eugene, Hiram FS 4 Sims, James A.
3 OAK Gradkowski, Bruce QB 4 Diulus, Gregory P.
3 OAK Lawton, Luke FB 3 Irwin, Tim E.
3 OAK Morris, Chris C 10 Cindrich, Ralph E.
3 OAK Russell, Gary RB 4 Lee, David
3 PHI Jordan, Akeem OLB 10 Lashbrook, G. Lynn
3 PHI Rocca, Saverio P 0 Kuliga, Kristen
3 PIT Davis, Carey FB 0 Overstreet, Brian E.
3 PIT Gay, William CB 14 Colton, Jerrold D.
3 PIT Sepulveda, Daniel P 0 Pittman, J. Drew
3 PIT Spaeth, Matt TE 8 Unknown,
3 PIT Stapleton, Darnell G 0 Wasielewski, Edward R.
3 SD Clary, Jeromey T 10 Dunn, David L.
3 SEA Frye, Brandon T 3 Gilmore, Deryk
3 SEA Obomanu, Ben WR 0 Sexton, James E.
3 SL Bassey, Eric CB 0 Taylor, Vincent L.
3 SL Dahl, Craig SS 8 Butz, David R.
3 SL Fells, Daniel TE 4 Silberman, Wynn
3 SL Neill, Ryan LS 0 LaMontagne, Noel
3 SL Ryan, Clifton DT 15 Lewis, Harold C.
3 SL Wade, Jonathan CB 4 Schaffer, Peter J.
3 TB Storer, Byron FB 0 Younger, Timothy M.
3 TEN Togafau, Pago MLB 0 Cunanan, Allan
3 WAS Alexander, Lorenzo DE 0 Rickert, John W.
3 WAS Heyer, Stephon T 16 Rosa, Richard M.
3 WAS Wilson, Chris OLB 0 Sheehy, Paul R.


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